Joe w/ the short-man-syndrome pt 1 of many

Joe Miller of Mundelein IL, formerly of Antioch IL is a short white male with a complex. A Napoleonic complex. He is a ~62 y/o class clown who never grew up. Literally and figuratively. He fancies himself funny, but he’s a hack with corny, canned, repetitive lines.

Short man syndrome is an angry male of below average height who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others and compensate for his abnormally short stature.

He will never tell you his height and if he does he will lie. He will not post a full body head to toe shot of himself, but of course I will be doing that later. He is about 5’2 or 3 at the “tallest.”

He is an egotistical narcissist. So full of himself. Joe is a landlord who never fails to tell a stranger he has a 100+ rental units. He’s thin-skinned, needs to be coddled. He’s not attractive, but the females he’s involved with have to  call him “sexy” to feed his ego. He is a braggart. He name-drops the people he’s met or knows and if you don’t give a shit, you can tell it hurts his feelings. He will tell you about the awards he’s won and go on and on about how much of a good cook and good father (he believes) he is. It’s exhausting and petty.

You know the type of guy who says he’s got a(n) (ex)girlfriend, but if you actually talk to the woman he’s referring to you’d find that there’s no way the feeling is mutual? It’s an ARRANGEMENT. Without your money the so-called “relationship” doesn’t exist. He’s a very pathetic and pitiful guy.

As you will see in later photo captures of  his various texts , he is an extremely volatile and jealous guy. I refuse to call him a man.

He leaves his office/apartment door #211 open. So if you recognize the apartment complex he heads, you may as well know that he has marijuana stashed in his bedroom. Just go in there when he’s mowing the lawn or some shit. Maybe feed his dumb ugly pug some dark chocolate to put it out of its misery.

He’s not very technologically savvy, so he doesn’t have a lock-code on his phone or the brains to remove the sim card of a phone no longer in use and hide or destroy it.

He is the type to send a text and then 2 minutes lament that you’re ignoring him. Pathetic.

Here is just some samples of the dozen of excerpts that will be posted on this guy.



But Wait! There’s more.

Stay tuned.







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