“It’s YOUR FAULT I have blue balls,” now “give me your mouth, your hands or take your tampon out & give me your Pussr”

Greg Henke of Calumet City is a dangerous sociopathic narcissist.

Gregory A. Henke, Sr has undiagnosed psychoses. He suffers from (and makes others suffer from his) constant chaos/crisis + narcissism. Twice divorced, he now lives alone and has no real friends. He frequents craigslist. If you post on w4m you will recognize him as the guy who wants to “eat at your Y” which means he wants to go down on you.

An anonymous source says she dealt with him in the most horrifying way. Read on.

Every little thing is a big deal. Unpredictable mood swings. Roller coaster rides, walking on eggshells, you name it–classic feelings of a victim dealing with a narcissist. He looks for and loves drama. Nothing you do is right, nothing is ever his fault, you can never compliment or praise him enough. He is a narcissistic bully, plain and simple.

It is YOUR fault for making him horny!… According to the rules of his world. If you don’t “relieve” him you’ll never hear the end of it. He’ll harass you nonstop. So quick to SAY he loves you, but at the drop of a hat SHOW you how conditional that so-called “love” is, he will show you hate with so much vile…threaten you, then wait a few…he will  apologize and wonder why you’re being so stubborn not to talk to him anymore.

Greg Henke is a religious nut, and a very hypocritical one. He will say “this is the day that the lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it” meanwhile seconds later he will cut someone off in traffic and curse up a storm. He has very little patience.

Gregory Allan Henke will grope you in public against your will. Henke uses every racial epithet, every taboo curse word you can possibly think of — the C-word for women, F-word for homosexuals, But god forbid you use the lord’s name in vain. Jeez Louise!

He will call you a Re+@rd if you so much as fail to have a photographic memory (e.g. If a bottle has a handle that was facing right, you better put the bottle back down facing right. if you picked up something you had better put it down exactly where you found it or else he will tell you to move it back literally 2 inches away). Doesn’t help that he lives in squalor, hoarding clutter. No sane person would recall exactly where they found something there.

The 60 y/o miser is usually seen wearing a tank, jean shorts, flip flops & never without a toothpick in his mouth. His neighbors only see the complimentary side of him because he hides his manic depression very well in public. He bores easily; if he’s around you long enough for you not to be a stranger anymore, compliments fade & the petty arguments soon begin.

Greg Henke has a history of violence. He fails to realize how crazy he is. Then again crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. And uber religious people don’t believe anyone but god can help them.


He may have a restraining order against him from a woman he abused in the church choir at some mega church in Munster Indiana. He says he just doesn’t go to church anymore because he doesn’t feel as if going to church is important, but I believe that is a lie. He watches Daystar and TBN televangelical ministries nonstop. If you’re in his house he will attempt to guilt you into watching it with him. He  will ask you if you want to watch it with him, but the only answer he accepts is yes. If you say no, he’ll ask again. When confronted with the possibility he may be forcing you to do what he wants against your will- He retorts “I can’t make you do anything” but he can sure run his trap on and on and on and on…and on about you not watching religious movie or televangelist’s show with him.

Greg Henke blasts gospel music from his patio while gardening. You can hear it down the street in his neighborhood. It’s a nuisance, but Don’t you dare tell him to turn it down. He thinks because it’s the “lord’s music,” he should get a pass.

He blasts christian rock music in his car. Typical religious hypocrite who picks and chooses what part of the bible people (like him) should obey. And everyone should be like him. Everyone should be as horny as he is, including women. Forget that part of the bible that says you should not fornicate. Fuck that.

He thinks he knows everything. Repeat: He can do no wrong in his eyes. Greg drinks twisted tea religiously. He is a mean drunk. Even when he’s sober he’s mean, so you can imagine how much worse it gets when he has alcohol in his system. He drinks while driving. Literally having a can of twisted tea in a brown bag between his bony legs while driving. He will offer it to you to sip and even if you politely decline he will explode about how much of a “hard ass” you are and don’t you dare lecture him about drinking and driving. “Would you quit your BITCHING! I’ll stop the car and throw you out! you can walk or take the bus back, I don’t give a FUCK!” and then seconds later he will continue to chat with you as if he didn’t just berate and belittle you a few seconds ago. And if you have nothing to say he will bitch about that. “You’re ignoring me?”

He hates when you talk with food in your mouth. He will ask you a question and if you don’t say anything he’ll bitch “so you’re ignoring me now? I hate being ignored! T.E.A.M: together everyone accomplishes much” If you answer, he’ll put his hands to your lips, disrespectfully and shut you up because there’s food in your mouth.

Greg Henke talks in his sleep. He more than talks in his sleep–he sings… in TONGUES! He swears in his sleep. for example, you might hear, “You motherfucking, cocksucking cunt!” in between his lingual nonsense…as if he’s being possessed when he drifts off to and comes out of sleep. When you’re trying to go to sleep in his car, you better remember to pull the seat back up or else. He will ask you a question and if  you don’t say anything, he’ll ask “you sleeping?” If you say yes, he will bitch–If you were sleeping why are you saying yes, and since you’re answering me now, why did you ignore the last question I asked you? He’s relentless. He can’t take a hint to stop talking to you when you’re trying to sleep.

Shame on you for not being in the mood to fuck him after he’s berated you. Oh, and he doesn’t like that term “fuck” even though he does say “now get in here and fuck me!” he prefers the term make love, but he doesn’t even know what love is.

Greg Henke has mice/rats in his place. Not surprising since he hoards and lives in clutter. He will have no problem garbaging any of your belongings, but he really finds it difficult to throw things of his away…and let things–anything go. Literally and figuratively. Plastic bags, juice containers, old arguments you name it, it gets saved and rehashed for later.

Speaking of juice, Greg uses old tomato juice bottles to piss in in the bathroom. He has a master bathroom toilet that he NEVER uses. So if you’re in the shower in the main bathroom he will bang on the door if you dare to close it, all so he can NOT use the toilet, rather get you to open the door so he can use the BOTTLE to piss in over the toilet. When asked why doesn’t he just simply use the toilet, he says he pisses about 30 times a day and doesn’t want to flush the toilet every time. When asked why he doesn’t just piss in the bottle in the master bathroom. He explodes! “This is my house I’ll piss where I damn well please.” Yikes! No wonder his son, daughter-in-law and so and so forth never visit him.

More on him later


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