More Crazy Texts from the Insecure Short man

dsc02483Meet Sierra. One of the many victims/ enablers of Joe Miller. This is one of his single mother types that he really fell for..HARD. Extremely possessive, jealous, overbearing, petty Joe Miller will snap at her for not following up to a text he gave her minutes ago. MINUTES. Not everyone has a phone on their hip and looks at it every time it buzzes. Some people fail to understand that.

This guy is short, ugly, and downright disgusting. She appeases him and strokes his ego though. That he likes. He’s her type–single mom, down & out on her luck (and desperate enough to fuck with him). She calls him “sexy” and all is right in his universe. But then he calls her a prostitute whenever she doesn’t make time for him. Oh, and only he can call her a prostitute, no one else can. He gets offended if anyone else does.

If she is a prostitute, and I wouldn’t doubt that she is, then let her do her job and tend to other clients. It can’t be about you all the time. She is a victim of text-harassment.

But it is juicy to watch and take a peek inside the psyche of someone obsessed. Just read.

Some white guys think that once they date a black woman it is okay to make racially insensitive jokes. Why? Because they CAN’T be racist, they have a black gf, don’tyaknow?


Ugh, He came home from the wal-mart and cuddled with her…and then some. Again, she was desperate enough to fuck him.


dsc02499dsc02498Oh my gosh, how pathetic! “Dress hot.” Yeah, so he can make everyone at the party jealous of him. Gosh this guy is pitiful.



dsc02492…and then things really take a turn when she doesn’t show up to his Super Bowl gambling party. I bet that’s all he could think about during the game. Not making others jealous. dsc02491dsc02495Let’s fast forward through the “I just won x amount of money, you could have got half!” texts.dsc02494Ouch. You think he’s done with her? Not by a long shot. dsc02490

Hmm-hmm, yeah, why is he giving her his new #? If he’s done with her. Ha! don’t dial this you guys, the number could be long gone and someone else’s by now.

Yep, this is a tumultuous on-again, off-again arrangement. Once again, an arrangement is NOT a relationship. Some guys never learn.



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