“Um..My GF is black, so I can’t be racist or sexist. I can call that n!—r & a c-n+”

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Some white guys think that once they date a black woman it is okay to make racially insensitive jokes. Why? Because they CAN’T be racist, they have a black gf, you know? Anyone who believes that has some serious issues. That’s like saying he can’t possibly be sexist, he has a FEMALE lover.

Aww, classic Joe Miller. He’s one of those dumb guys that doesn’t know he’s dumb.

Well which is it, does she have a soul or not?! Did she grow one after his 1st text?

Firstly, I don’t think Sierra’s his girlfriend. I think he’s her sugar daddy, but he’s so naive he probably thought they moved past that stage and became more than that. Ha! Nope.



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